This is THE place to find out more about the annual RSSOC Sprint weekend at Curborough Sprint Circuit. Come on in, look around and see why we love it so.


Welcome to the official RSSOC Curborough Sprint website

Reliant Sabre & Scimitar Owners Club

The RSSOC is a fantastic car club dedicated to the promotion and preservation of all Reliant Scimitars and Sabres, from the earliest Sabra to the latest Sabres and all GT’s, GTE’s and SS series cars in between.

The club website is:

Phenomenally quick racing Scimitars

Autojumble, cars for sale and club traders

Excellent cars on show

What you’ll find when you come and see us

What is Curborough?

Curborough is one of the best sprint circuits in the UK and is where we hold our annual sprint weekend and general get together.

Each year we have autotests, sprinting, concours events and a whole lot of laughs at this 4 day camping weekend

Live music in the marquee on Saturday

Time left until Curbs 2016

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